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Flavor of Life

September 7th, 2013

The flavor of life that makes us and folds depth into an otherwise bland and pointless existence:

-the maddness of a warriors duty

-the courage to overcome maddness

-the steady heart of a father

-the warm uplifting embrace

-the comfort of grace -

misty gray wood, alone and contemplating on the oceans edge

-color of a smile

-like the sound of a curl

-relief of accomplishment

-darkness of a dreaded task

-limping life of crushed dreams that false hope leaves in its wake

-the peace that true hope brings

-the heart travels the distance of the sky and its horizon all while swimming in the mind

Dirty Wooden Floor

September 7th, 2013

Naked on a dirty wood floor, in the middle of the city....

There is purpose in it

Broken and seperate, alone and destraught while searching for love....

There is purpose in it

For now my feet are held to earth and my heart reaches up

My soul longs for wickedness to perish from it

All of this and....

There is purpose in it